Can You Use Seachem Prime with Fish in Tank?

Before putting your fish in the tank, you need to complete the water cycle and let the good bacteria grow. It is an important step you cannot skip.

Generally, it is to be done before putting the fish into the tank. But it is possible to do a fish-in cycle?

Yes, with Seachem prime you can easily do fish-in cycles. Here you can complete the cycle while the fish are in the tank. Remember, it is an emergency thing to do and this primer comes in handy while doing so.

Can You Use Seachem Prime with Fish in Tank

What is Water Conditioner?

A water conditioner is a salt-free system that removes unwanted substances from water. For example, lead, chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.

Different water conditioner works differently in water. Some works as mentioned above by removing water substances. Some work by altering water structure and making it softer.

How Does Seachem Prime work in water?

Seachem prime lessens the ammonia and nitrite toxicity as well as heavy metals like lead from the water. It works as a water conditioner by doing so.

It is a more potent and concentrated product than any other you can be found in the market yet do not disturb the pH level of the water. It helps the bio-media of the aquarium.

You can use seachem while tank cycling. But if you did not, don’t worry, it is an amazing product to use while a fish-in cycling.

Can You Use Seachem Prime While the Fish are in the Tank?

Yes, you can use seachem prime if you want to do a fish-in cycling.

Fish-in cycling is cycling where the water cycling process proceeds while there are fish inside the aquarium.

Normally, the cycling process is done before you put the fish into the tank. It is the safest and perfect way to culture. But if, by chance it could not happen and you already have the fish to put into the tank, seachem can save it all.

It is a well-known product to use in a fish-in cycling. It saves both the fish and the cycling process in this emergency.

So, you can definitely use seachem prime while the fish are in the tank.

How does Seachem Prime Increase the Water Quality with fish-in cycling?

Seachen prime alters nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia to non-toxic forms which are not harmful to the fish.

Chlorine and chloramine, found in the tap water harm the beneficial bacteria in the fish tank. This water conditioner also removes these two substances from the water.

Not only that, seachem prime eliminates any kind of heavy metal from your tap water, if exists.

All of those elements harm not only the fish but also the overall situation of the water environment. Water conditioners can save you from that digester.

When Should You Use Seachem Prime?

Water change is the best time to use seachen prime. For using the product while water changes:

  • Take the water out of the tank which you want to change.
  • Then add the conditioner into the tank water directly.
  • Add new water into the fish tank.

The portion you have to use is 5 mL seachem prime to 200-liter water or 50 US gallons. You may need to increase or decrease the amount as per your need. This is the basic instruction for using this product in the water.

Why Seachem Prime is One of the Best in the Market?

There are many water conditioners in the market you can choose from. But why should you choose seachem prime?

That is because it will not only remove or alters all the harmful element for your fish but also it is a neutral element for the water.

This means, seachem is not acidic and will not disturb the pH level of the water. Fish do not like any sudden change in water conditions. Seachem will serve you that purpose nicely.

It is more concentrated than other conditioners in the market. That means, less is more. You are getting more for your money as you have to use less in every portion.

Finally, seachem is a leading and trusted brand in this industry. Millions of aquarists are getting the benefit of fresh and safe water for their fish. It is a must-have product you have to have if you want a safe environment for the fish.

Can You Put Fish in A Tank Without a Water Conditioner?

If there are chemicals like chlorine and chloramine in the water, you should never put your fish into it without a water conditioner.

If you do so, it can permanently damage your fish. In some cases, they will not survive long.

There are many ways you can make the water suitable for the fish without using a water conditioner. You at least have to do those if you do not want to use conditioner.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I use Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability together?

Yes, you can use them together in the correct amount. It will increase the effectiveness of both of the products.

How to measure Seachem Prime?

One cup contains 5 mL and you need to use it for every 50 gallons or 200 liters. Each cap thread is approximately 1 mL. So, you can measure that to use 1 mL for every 10 gallons.

Can you Overdose Seachem Prime?

As it is a very concentrated water conditioner, overdosing will be harmful to aquatic creatures. Use as instructed.

How Long Does How Long Does Seachem Prime Last?

If stored correctly, it does not expire.

How long Seachem Prime can detoxify the water?

For about 24 to 48 hours.  


Cycling the water is one of the most important parts while preparing the aquarium. It ensures a healthy environment in which your fish can thrive. But situation may arise when you have fish to put into the water but do not have water fully cycled.

Seachem prime comes in handy in those cases of emergency. You can trust it to use for a fish in a cycle. It is completely safe and beneficial for the water which leads to healthy fish.

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