Dwarf Baby Tears vs. Monte Carlo: What’s the Difference?

The Monte Carlo variety of dwarf baby tears is popular and well-known among aquarium hobbyists. There are many different types of plants that can be used in an aquatic setting. Some of the most popular choices for this environment are rooted plants, floating plants, and emergent plants. Much like there are different types of aquarium setups, there are different types of aquarium plants to consider to provide your pet with a healthy home.

The Dwarf Baby Tears or Monte Carlo are popular option for planting inside an aquarium

Dwarf Baby Tears, also known as Cuba or HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides), is a small, low-growing variety of watercress that can provide a stunning look in your aquarium. Dwarf baby tears will grow slower than normal varieties. Also, they have less tolerance for cold temperatures. 

If you live somewhere with harsh winters or want to keep this plant on your outside koi-pond year-round, choose another type of watercress instead, like the Monte Carlo (Micranthemum), which is comparatively easier to grow and larger than Dwarf baby tears.

Today we will discuss these two common aquatic plant varieties that you may not know about but should consider including in your setup- dwarf baby tears vs. Monte Carlo and what’s the difference?  

Dwarf Baby Tears vs. Monte Carlo: Comparison Table 

SpecificationDwarf Baby TearsMonte Carlo
AppearanceSmaller with thin branchLarger with prominent branch
ColorLighter greenDarker green
GrowthFastVery Fast
Lighting RequirementNeeds high lightingMedium lighting
AvailabilityLess availableBroadly available

Aquarium plants are usually divided into three categories: foreground, midground, and background. Dwarf Baby Tears vs. Monte Carlo is a comparison of two popular foreground plants in the aquarium planting field.

Dwarf Baby Tears are often used in smaller aquariums or tanks with less light because they are smaller and can easily be rooted in the substrate. And looks attractive inside the aquarium. The downside to this plant is that it does not tolerate high levels of nitrates very well, which means if your tank has been running for some time, then there may be an issue with ammonia build-up. 

That’s why you have to look ways up to keep your tank clean in the first way! Secondly, adding another dwarf baby tears type plant, the Monte Carlo, can solve the compatibility problem with increasing ammonia levels. Monte Carlo is a beautiful aquatic plant that you can grow in both fresh and saltwater. You can find Monte Carlo at any place where aquatic plants are sold. It is often used in aquariums because of its beautiful colors. 

Monte Carlo’s leaves are glossy and dark green compared to Dwarf baby tears. The plant’s leafy branches hang over the water’s surface. This state makes them look like they have been dipped into the water. They also make an excellent background for your aquarium fish. 

Dwarf Baby Tears vs. Monte Carlo: In-depth overview 

Monte Carlo grows larger than Dwarf Baby Tears

In the aquarium pet industry, there are a lot of herbs and plants that cater to a wide range of pets. Some of them are also used to enhance the living of aquarium pets. For fish or reef aquariums, Dwarf Baby Tears and Monte Carlo are plant editions that enhance the interior of your aquarium. Along with increasing the activity level of your aquarium dweller. 

One thing they have in common is their origin. The Dwarf Baby Tears and Monte Carlo both come from South America. Dwarf Baby Tears come from Peru, and Monte Carlo comes from Chile. 

Dwarf Baby Tears

Dwarf Baby Tears is a species of close-growing, mat-forming moss. These plants are far more resilient in sandy soil than larger varieties that would require more care and attention to grow. Not only is dwarf baby tears low maintenance, but it is also easier to harvest the plants when needed. 

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo variety is taller in height, which makes them perfect for areas with partial shade. For example, wide aquariums and outdoor fish ponds. Monte Carlo is among one of the most popular and well-known dwarf baby tears varieties. You can easily thrive in Monte Carlo in most water conditions with good care. Monte Carlo can be used in a variety of ways to create a nice, low-maintenance aquarium. 

Can You Put Dwarf Baby Tears and Monte Carlo Together In a Fish Tank?

People are now becoming more interested in the hobby of keeping fish. And they are adapting things to improvise their fish tank’s appearance and acceptance from their pets. And trying to make the place as close as natural. In this process of adding up plants in your fish tank, a common question that often arises is whether or not one can put dwarf baby tears and Monte Carlo together in a fish tank. 

The answer to this question is no, because these two plants will compete for space and nutrients, which will lead to the death of either the dwarf baby tears or the Monte Carlo. However, there are some other types of aquarium plants that you may want to consider putting with your dwarf baby tears and Monte Carlo. Such options like Java Ferns, Water Hyacinths, and Amazon Swords are compatible with anyone either way. They also look amazing when placed next to each other!

Dwarf Baby Tears or Monte Carlo: Which One Is Better?

Dwarf Baby Tears grows in fine texture and uniform shape

You might be facing difficulties deciding if you want to use Dwarf Baby Tears or Monte Carlo. It is a case of hearing about one and not the other for some. I would say it’s a personal preference. The two types look very similar and are great for a variety of purposes, but there are slight differences that may influence your decision. 

Dwarf Baby Tears, in a few terms, is better than Monte Carlos. Dwarf Baby Tears are better because they are less expensive, have a larger surface area that allows more contact with water, have a papery feel, so they are easier to remove from reefs, driftwoods, and sandy surfaces. It also creates a more natural look than Monte Carlo.

However, if you’re looking for an attractive option to enhance your plants, still Dwarf Baby Tears or Monte Carlo are the best choices.

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