What Size Tank Do I Need for Dwarf Puffer?

The dwarf puffer is one of the smallest fish you can keep in your aquarium. As they are tiny size fish, you do not require a very large tank to keep them. So, what size tank do I need for a dwarf puffer? And what is the size of an adult fish?

It is recommended going for a tank not smaller than 10 gallons. Obviously, you can increase or decrease the size of the tank according to the number of fish. An adult pea puffer is not larger than 1 or 1 and a half inches.

Read on to know about more tank requirements for this notorious fish.

What Size Tank Do I Need for Dwarf Puffer
Dwarf Puffer?

What Size Tank Do I Need for Dwarf Puffer?

A 10-gallon tank is good to go for a dwarf puffer. If you tend to keep one fish on your desk, you can even keep one fish in a 5-gallon tank. The rule is 5 gallons per fish.

But remember, more is better in the case of aquarium space. These puffers are very active and love to swim around the tank.

So, if you can, provide some more space than 5 gallons per fish. It will directly affect their health and happiness.

Dwarf Puffer Tank Set Up

Dwarf puffer also known as pea puffer is one of the tiniest fish for your aquarium. Their natural habitat includes a huge amount of heavy vegetation. It provides a lot of hiding spots for them.

So naturally, when you set a tank up for pea puffer you have to give preference to plants as first priority. So that it can replicate their natural habitat. You can also add driftwood, rocks, and caves.

Otherwise, they will not feel safe in the aquarium and will be stressed out. Eventually, stress will lead them to other sicknesses as well.

On the other hand, the dwarf puffer is extremely sensitive to water change. You have to make sure the filtration and temperature is good of the tank water. 

How Many Dwarfs Puffer Can Stay Together?

Six or seven dwarf puffers can stay together in a tank and for that, the tank has to be around 30 gallons.

As they are not completely schooling fish, you can also keep a single one in a 5-gallon tank.

But if you are intended to keep a large group you have to make sure you pay attention to the tank setup. Because they will be needing a lot of hiding spots as I have also discussed above.

The ratio of male-female should be one male for two mate females. If you can maintain those requirements, your chance of success will go higher.

Best Tank Mates for Dwarf Puffer

Otocinclus catfish can be your best bet if you want other species of fish in the same tank.

Do not choose any slow-moving fish. Because dwarf puffers are fin nippers. They will eventually injure them. You cannot go for bigger fish as well. Because they can eat tiny fish like pea puffer.

Finding the best tank mates for pea puffer is a difficult task to do. Because they are aggressive and territorial compared to their size. But they seem to ignore the otocinclus catfish.

Some other tank mates you can look for dwarf puffers are:

  1. Danios
  2. Neon tetras
  3. Kuhli loach
  4. Ember tetras
  5. Cherry shrimp

Tank Mates to Avoid for Dwarf Puffer

Small fish that moves slowly and fish that are bigger in size margin, both are needed to be avoided as a tank mate for the dwarf puffer.

As these puffers are tiny in size, big fish will make them into their dinner sooner or later. On the other hand, dwarf puffer will harm fish that are small in size by nipping their fin. Because pea puffers are fin-nipper fish.

Any kind of fish with hard shell are also not safe from them.

Some of the fish you must avoid as a dwarf puffer tank mate:

  1. Betta Fish
  2. Guppies
  3. Shellfish
  4. Snails

Can Dwarf Puffer Breed in a Tank?

Yes, dwarf puffers can be bred in a tank and it is comparatively easy than many other wild fish kept in a tank.

For breeding, you need to keep some male and female puffers in a tank. for starting the process increase the water temperature to five to ten degrees. The goal here is to replicate the increased water temperature while their breeding season.

Dwarf puffers are plant-spawners. So, you need to add java moss to lay their eggs. When it is time, the male and the female will go hiding in the plants to spawn together. After that, the female will lay eggs on the moss and the male will fertilize those.

If you are intending to not use a different breeding tank, then you need to hide the eggs with plants to protect them. Because these puffers are not going to protect those eggs. Otherwise, simply remove the parent fish.

The fry will hatch in a few days and you have to feed them.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Dwarf puffers hard to keep?

Yes, it is not an easy fish to keep, especially not for beginners.

Can Dwarf puffers be kept in a community tank?

Yes, but it is difficult. Because their tank mates have to be very specific. Otherwise, one of them will be harmed eventually.

Do pea puffers need sand or gravel?

Yes, it will help the heavy plant base aquarium to thrive.

Do pea puffers produce a lot of waste?

Yes. As they are carnivores, they produce a lot of waste.

Are Dwarf Puffers poisonous to touch?

No, they are not poisonous to humans.


Dwarf pea puffer is tiny fish but notorious. Their opposite personality compared to their size is enjoyable to watch. If you understand the basic elements of their care, these puffers can be one of the best decisions of your life.

But you need to remember, these are not beginner-friendly fish. Only buy those if you are an aquarist for quite some time. 

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