How Many Endlers in a 10-Gallon Tank?

A near relative of the ordinary guppy fish, the Endler guppy or Endler’s livebearer (lat. Poecilia wingei) is a highly attractive fish. Its diminutive size, calm nature, attractive look, and lack of conceit have made it famous.

Despite being a relatively new species among sea creatures, the fish is quite well for its little size, vibrant color, and demanding personality.

The number of endlers that one might have in a 10-gallon tank can be tricky to calculate. This post will provide you with how to figure out how many endlers you may carry in a 10-gallon fish tank.

How Many Endlers in a 10-Gallon Tank
10-Gallon Tank

Features of The Endlers

The male of this fish doesn’t get much bigger than 1 inch and the female can get up to 1.4 inches long). The sole color of the female fish has a golden or silvery hue. There is a little patch behind its abdomen that denotes the presence of embryos inside.

Some Endler’s guppy breeds exist now as a result of extensive selective breeding efforts, which you won’t find in the wild. The male Gold Endler guppy’s golden body is covered in tiny red spots, and there is an emerald-green spot close to its tail. Its tail fin is translucent in the middle and has crimson margins as well.

Japan blue is among the most lovely hues for Endler fish. The head and tail of the fish are silvery in color, and the body and tail appear pale bluish with a black patch on the side of the body.

Pros and Cons of a 10-Gallon Tank


  • Accessible to the majority of families.
  • Convenient size.
  • A good-sized tank for beginning or unskilled aquarists.
  • For tiny sick or young fish, small size typically enables adequately sized quarantine tanks.


  • Due to the quick accumulation of nitrogenous chemicals, more difficult to maintain.
  • Selection of possible occupants is severely constrained.
  • Even with everything planted and set up, it just doesn’t look as amazing as a bigger aquarium.

Number of Endlers In a Fish Tank

The largest amount of endlers in each aquarium can be calculated using the one inch of fish for 1 gallon of water guideline. Therefore, the water volume in a fish tank that holds 10 gallons will not actually be 10 gallons.

The gravel, internal sponge filter, live plants for décor, and heater must all be considered. Your tank will store about 7-8 gallons of water once all the tank modifications are taken into account.

Male endlers are typically smaller than female endlers, who can grow as much as 1.8 inches in length as adults. Therefore, you could fit around 6 adult endlers in 10 gallons of water.

If you’re just starting off, it would not be advised to add over 8 endlers to a 10-gallon tank. It’s always preferable to build your aquarium by adding fewer fish to the tank in the beginning.

What Might Take Place If You Added Too Many Guppies?

A surplus of guppies increases the likelihood of ammonia and nitrite spikes making the guppies ill. Weaker guppies may potentially pass away in the worst scenarios.

A tank with an excessive number of guppies will become dirty too rapidly and might even spread disease.

Guppies can develop hostile behavior if they aren’t provided adequate room in the water. They might end up harming fry, guppies, or other fish in the aquarium.

Another frequent issue you could encounter in a guppy aquarium that is overloaded is malnutrition. It’s possible that guppies will have to fight for food, enough air, and hiding spots.

What To Do When Too many Endlers Are Added?

It is difficult to put in extra endlers in a 10-gallon tank. However, applying some techniques would definitely help you. Here is what you can do:

Use of An External or Internal Filter

The majority of fish tank kits have an internal filter. These filters are the ideal size for a 10-gallon aquarium, but they are not designed to support an aquarium with too many fish.

It would be even better to get an external canister filtration system or a hang-on-back filter. As a result of the filter taking up less space, you may fill your fish tank with more water.

An advantage of an external filter is its ability to hold a set volume of water, allowing you to add more water to the system.

You can purchase a larger internal filter with greater performance, an increasing flow rate, etc. to expand the number of fish that can fit in your fish tank.

Using a Quality Filter Media

A quality filter media addition must be made in addition to considering the filter’s performance. A sponge filter medium will not work in a fish tank with too many fish. 

The use of a biological filter medium will provide an extremely large surface area for the helpful bacteria to degrade the harmful toxins like ammonia and nitrite, while the sponge filter will capture the heavy dirt.

Reduction of Fish Feeding

Endlers are ravenous creatures who, given the option, would devour continuously. One of the biggest issues with poor water quality is overfeeding.

Since adult endlers only require a small amount of food, serving them each day will make them healthy and won’t cause significantly more water pollution than necessary.

Only a tiny pinch of food should be added at a time while feeding your endlers. Hold off until the endlers have finished all the food you provided them. When you believe your fish has consumed enough, re-do the process.

Routine Maintenance of Fish Tank

A fish tank with too many fish requires extra care and attention. You’ll need to perform water changes more frequently because the waste will build up much more quickly.

You just need to perform one water change every week if you use a good filtration system and media. For an overstocked Endler aquarium, it is advised to perform a 30–50% water change each week in order to prevent any mishaps.

Change the filter material in your fish tank’s water on a regular basis. Avoid washing your filter media in tap water since chlorine will eliminate all beneficial microorganisms.


Endlers are stunning and incredibly entertaining fish that, with the appropriate arrangement, can really add some color and movement to an aquarium.

Always keep in mind that all living things produce waste, which increases the volume of garbage your filter needs to process. It’s simpler than you may imagine to overload your tank—more precisely, your filter.

These fish are extremely prolific breeders and wonderfully capture the allure of oceanic life. So, buying endlers is the solution to go if you want to freshen up your home with a gorgeous aquarium.

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