Top Fin Cf 60 Won’t Prime: The Reasons and Solutions

A filter is an unnegotiable part of an aquarium. It keeps the tank clean and the environment healthy for the fish. To get the filter going, it needs to be primmed. 

Many aquarists face the problem of not being able to prime the filter. What are the reasons for that? 

A clogged outlet, loop in the pipe, or trapped air bubble can be the reason behind it. But those are not the kind of problems to worry about.

There are simple solutions to avoid those. Bear with me as I am going to discuss how to get rid of those problems. 

What is Aquarium Filter Priming?

Priming the filter means filling up the filter with water, in areas that should be filled while the filter is on. 

It helps the filter to turn on. Because, what a filter does is, clean the water. In this process, water goes through the filter 24/7. 

But when the filter is new and you just added it to your aquarium, it is normal that the filter will be empty. Priming the filter is a necessary process before you can turn on the filter. 

Why is it Important?

Priming is a very important step mostly because top fin cf 60 is not a self-priming filter. It needed to be primmed to get the water moving. 

Priming is a simple step to turning on the filter for the first time. Self-priming filters do not need to be primed separately. 

But for top fin cf 60, it is an essential step to be done. Priming is also important because it increases the efficiency of the filter and prevents clogging. 

By priming, you can avoid air bubbles which cause many other problems in the filter. 

The Reasons Which May Cause the Filter Stop Priming

If your canister filter cannot prime your top fin cf 60 there may be several reasons. But do not worry, most of them are solvable. So, all you need to do is find out the problem and solve it. 

The reasons you should look for,

Loops in the Hoses 

The canister filter is connected to the top fin cf 60 by the hoses. The distance between the top fin and the canister filter is quite long for its design. 

Sometimes the hoses are so long that they bend and create many loops along the way. It prevents the smooth water flow which disturbs the primming.

Trapped Air Bubble

If any form of air is trapped in the outlet, it will create an air bubble. The air bubble is not a good sign in the aquarium. 

As the water has to work against gravity, it sometimes can generate bubbles in the hoses or the pipe. 

When there is an air bubble inside the outlet, it creates a gurgling sound.

Fungus And Algae Clogging 

It can happen for many reasons. If you do not clean the filter routinely or forget to change the cartridge fungal and algae will grow rapidly inside the tank. 

It can clog the filter as well as the hoses. Dirty water and uneven water flow from the filter are the symptoms of this. 

As the lining is clogged, it is obvious that will flow will be interrupted. 

Things You Can Do to Solve the Problem

As I said earlier, these are not major problems to worry about. You can do some simple steps to solve those easily. 

Prevent the Loops

Too many loops can be the reason which is creating the problem of priming along the way. To solve this problem, firstly make sure the input and output hoses are kept straight and short.

Reposition your aquarium so that the distance between the aquarium and the canister filter is not more than 1.5 meters. 

You can also cut down the excess piping. 

Get Rid of the Air Bubble 

Lift the filter diagonally and create a 45° angle. Do it before starting the priming process. 

This angle will help to push the bubble with water flow and get the process going. 

Never shake the canister filter to solve this problem. It will make the situation worse by creating more bubbles inside the filter. 

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning the tank and the filter routine-wise can solve the problem of clogged hoses. You need to detach the filter and clean it thoroughly. 

But you have to be careful while cleaning the filter. Because there are many beneficial bacteria lives inside it and all of them should not be cleaned for good. For detailed instructions, you can check out the article How to Clean Top Fin Filter.   

After that, detach the hoses as well and give them a cleanse. You can use pipe cleaner for this.  

Other than those problems occurring, it can also happen if the filter is not set up correctly. Read the instruction manual carefully before setting it up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to prime a canister filter?

It will take around 2 minutes to prime a canister filter. 

Do you have to Prime canister filter?

You can prime the canister filter manually, but first you have to prime the actual filter in the tank.

How long does it take for a canister filter to cycle?

It can take somewhere from 2 to 6 weeks. 

Where should I put activated charcoal in the canister filter?

Put the activated carbon in the bottom. 

How do I know if my canister filter is working?

If the water is coming out from the outlet smoothly, your canister filter is working well. 

Should I clean the top fin filter thoroughly?

You should not clean the filter 100% as it will wash off the beneficial bacteria from it. 


Hopefully, by now you have a clear idea why your top fin cf 60 won’t prime. Follow the simple steps mentioned above and the filter should be running smoothly. 

But no matter what, do not try to skip this important step to turn on your filter. It will benefit the filter in the long run. 

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