Why My Top Fin Filter Making Noise? Solutions Added

Naturally, you bring an aquarium into your house to be close to some aquaretic creature. It enhances the beauty of your house as well. 

But when the aquarium, specifically the filter makes headache-provoking noise, it’s hard to accept that. Why top fin filter making noise? It is natural?

No, the noise filter makes, if correctly put together, is not noticeable. Incorrect assembly can be a reason for the noise. But there are many more. 

I will discuss all of the reasons that can make filter noise in this article. So, care with me to know the reasons and the fix. 

What a Filter Generally Sounds Like 

Generally, the top fin filter makes a smooth electric hum noise that is not loud. Sometimes it makes the water flowing tone with it. Both of them make a quite calming sound. 

If your filter is making annoying sounds all day long then there must be a problem with it. 

It can be either for any moving part inside the filter or the water flow. Water flow reduction in the filter because of dirt and make unexpected noise. 

Reasons Your Top Fin Filter May Making Noise

There are several reasons your filter is making noises. Along with the reasons the sound may differ. Here are some of the reasons why your filter may make noise. 

Dirty Filter 

A dirty filter is one of the main causes your filter may make noise. When you do not clean the filter for a long time the dirt and debris build-up inside the filter.

It prevents the filter to run at its full capacity and the gentle hum noise increase into an annoying sound. 

Cleaning the filter and the tank can reduce the sound. 

High Water Flow Rate 

If the water flow of your aquarium is high then there is more water passing through the filter. It causes the filter to run faster than usual and creates noise. 

A filter is made of different parts. When water flows from those parts fast, all the parts need to move faster. It will increase the gentle noise into a loud noise. 

For this, you need to slow down the water flow rate. Top Fin filter comes with an adjustable knob and by using it can adjust the filter. 

Bubbling Sound 

Producing too many bubbles and the popping sound can be annoying for a long time. Bubbles are also not a good sign for the tank. It means there is a high concentration of protein in the water. 

Check the filter media if it’s clear or not. Because this is a sign that the water is getting dirty. 

Cleaning the filter along with the filter media can solve this problem. 

Broken Impeller 

A broken impeller can be another reason your filter may be noisy. Sometimes it is not broken but bends and makes noise when the filter is on.  

To check you have to disassemble the filter to see what happened. If the impeller is broken there is not much you can do. You have to change and get a new impeller. 

But if it is bent, there is a chance you can fix it. but it will cost you much of your time.

If everything is alright, apply a good quality lubricant to the impeller. It helps to reduce the sound. 


Vibration can happen for several reasons. Firstly, check if the filter unit is touched by the aquarium wall. If so, there will be unwanted vibration in the filter. 

There can be more than one part of the filter broken. It also causes vibration. Check the attachment mechanism to find out.

Nonetheless, if dirt particles or debris are stuck in the filter it prevents the smooth operation of the filter. 

Waterfall Noise 

If the water level is lower than natural there will be noise when a waterfall is on the water surface. 

Adjust the water level to reduce this noise. 

How to Fix the Noise

Above I mentioned the specific way you can reduce each kind produced from the filter. but here are some general steps you can follow for any kind of noise reduction. 

Inspect Thoroughly 

First, you need to find out why there is a filter making the noises. For that, try to eliminate any other kind of sound around the aquarium at that moment. 

Hear closely and touch if you need to. It will help you to determine where the sound is coming from. 

Feel the Sound 

This step is necessary if you cannot find any fault in the filter. 

Wash your hand and dry them. Then place your hand inside the water and touch every filter unit separately. 

If you can feel any rattling or shaking in your hand then you may need to disassemble the filter and see what is wrong. 

Look for Anything Stuck

After you have dissembled the filter, you will know exactly what is making the noise. 

Other than any broken parts, also look for if anything has been trapped inside the filter. Sometimes debris or small particle stick in the filter and interrupt the mechanism of the filter. 

Check Everything is Assembled Correctly 

If your problem has not been solved yet, then check if all the parts of the filter have assembled correctly. 

If there is splashing noise, closely examine the return pump and hoses. Readjust those parts can help you reduce the splashing noise. 

Adjusting the Water Flow

I have mentioned earlier that if the water flow is high, it will make loud pouring noise. 

Reducing the water flow rate, or adjusting it accordingly can solve your problem. 


If nothing of this works, then you can reset the entire system.

For that, turn the power off for some time and give the filter some rest. Then switch the power on and see if there is loud noise.



I cannot drug this enough how important the filter is for the betterment of the filter. It is necessary for the fish to lead a healthy and long life. 

But when it makes the sound annoying for you, sometimes it is unbearable. I hope this article helped you to understand what causes filter noise and how to fix it. 

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