Top Fin Fish Tank Reviews: How Good Their Fish Tanks Are? 

If you’re looking for an affordable aquarium to pet fish right under your hood, you must have heard about Top Fin. It produces some high-quality fish tanks of different capacities within the budget. 

Top Fin fish tank is made of glass which gives a good vibe at the very first impression, I must say. The tanks also carry a filter and submersible adjustable heater as well. Moreover, the hood is attached with LED lights to give a brighter and more glamorous vision. 

If you’re interested in the Top Fin fish tank reviews further, this article should meet your thirst as I’m going to discuss the brand and its fish tank in particular.

So, let’s get started!

About the Brand: Top Fin

Top Fin is one of the most affordable aquarium manufacturers in the US. The true story behind the name Top Fin comes from its rebranding of the United Pet Group because of its reputation as a shock hazard. 

However, there are still no such injuries that are documented against Top Fin. The fish tanks are exclusively sold at and their retail stores. You will find fish tanks of different model numbers and capacities starting from 5 to 75 gallons. 

Top Fin is regarded to be a cheap power filter and fish tank brand from which you actually get what you pay for. However, their models are quite impressive to discuss about!

What is About Top Fin Fish Tank?

Well, as said already, Top Fin brings different models of fish tanks. However, they are only different in capacities. Otherwise, the features are pretty much common in all the models. 

Top Fin fish tank comes with glass made water tank. The hood of the tank comes with LED lights and settings. Apart from these, the fish tank also has a built-in thermometer to measure and track the temperature within the tank, a water filter, and a heater as well. 

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the Top Fin fish tank at a glance to have a better idea here. 


  • The fish tank is made of high-quality glass, at least you get the best quality for the price. 
  • Built-in thermometer to track the temperature inside the tank
  • Hang on edge style power filter to keep the water livable for the fishes
  • Submersible and adjustable heater which covers the whole height of the tank
  • Affordable and highly recommended for the beginners
  • LED lights right under the hood to have greater illumination 
  • Fish tanks have a lifetime warranty


  • The heaters tend to be sticky
  • Fish food isn’t great at all
  • The filter gets dirty easily
  • Fish tanks aren’t the best of all. Not recommended for any professional use. Hikari would be a better choice. 

Top Fin Fish Tank Reviews in Detail

Top Fin has been making quality fish tanks for a while and they have successfully drawn the attention of many, especially beginners. 

In this detailed review section, let us talk about the Top Fin 10-gallon Essential Aquarium starter kit which is available at 5, 20, 29, 37, and 55 gallons of variants as well. 

The fish tank features all the basic components that you need to set up an aquarium so that you can easily assemble everything right under your hood without needing professional help. The features are as follows: 

Glass Tank 

Top Fin fish tank starter kit comes with a glass tank aquarium which is obviously nice and thick. The glass makes the tank look more aesthetic. The 10-gallon fish tank measures 20 inches in length, 10.1 inches in width, and 12.8 inches in height. 

The corner sides are protected with silicon which we liked the most and probably the most important feature of the glass tank. Both the bottom and top of the tank are black. 

Accurate Thermometer 

One of the most surprising features of the fish tank is that it comes with a very accurate thermometer. It measures temperature correctly most of the time. This proves the reliability of the tank kit. 


The fish tank includes a filter as well. The filter is very effective as it has three to four settings on it and is situated right below the hood of the tank. 

With the settings of the filter, you can choose any one from super high, high, medium, or low. You need to push a small button to change its settings. 

There’s a filtration paper that is blue in color initially and turns red eventually. Seeing the red color, you’ll understand that it is time to change its cartridge. 

Water Flow

There’s a knob right beside the filter to control the flow of the water inside the tank. You can adjust the flow by only rotating the knob from low to high. You can set the flow to LOW during nighttime and medium to high during daytime.  

Tip: Be extra careful when you set the water flow to a high level. The speed will be high enough to push your pets from everywhere. 

50 Watt Heater 

The water heater is quite impressive as well making the water nice and toasty for the animals living inside the tank. The heater comes right from the deck to the top of the tank. It has both Celsius and Fahrenheit marked on the body. 

There is a red mark that goes up and down and shows what the temperature should be within the tank. 

Bright White LED

The hood of the tank comes with bright LED sets to give a good show. There are two LED strips placed safely below the hood to light up inside. The lights are really bright to make everything visible. 

Most fish tanks have only one LED strip while it has two. That’s why probably the tank looks brighter. There’s a plug connected to the lights which connects the switch to turn them ON and OFF on the other side. 


Well, affordability is probably the most significant feature of the Top Fin fish tank that everyone talks about. The 10-gallon fish tank starter pack is sold on Petsmart for $79.99 only. If you are in luck, you’ll probably get it under $60 at times. 

Considering the price performance and features, the fish tank is obviously the most affordable and reliable aquarium for beginners. 


So, what’s your point after reading the Top Fin fish tank reviews? Are you interested to go for it?

Top Fin fish tank starter kit includes pretty much everything you need to place an aquarium in your house. 

However, due to its price-cutting, you may not like some of the features if compared to any high-end product. That’s why this is highly recommended for newbies only. 

I hope you liked the article. If so, don’t forget to share it with others who may get helped with it. Thanks for the read. 

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