Reasons My Top Fin Led Light Not Working (With Solutions)

Top Fin LED lights are high-quality lights for the aquarium. It serves several criteria needed inside the tank. But it is also not uncommon to have trouble with the lights. 

If you know what causes your top fin led light not to work, you may solve it more efficiently. So, knowing it is important what are the reasons top fin LED lights to fail? Is it can be solved at home? 

There are many reasons for LED lights failing. Some of them are, short circuits, power outage, improper voltage, or simply the light being damaged. Yes, many of the problems can be solved at home. 

I am going to talk about it in this article as well. Bear with me to know.

Is LED Lights Necessary for Aquarium?

Yes, it plays an important role in the ecosystem of the aquarium. 

In a tank, you are setting up an artificial environment that is as close as natural. But most of the time an aquarium does not get direct sunlight. 

In that case, you just need to put an LED light so that the fish and the plant get the sense of day and night. Otherwise, the fish will not know when to rest and when to be active. 

On the other hand, if you are growing real plants, they will need UV rays to grow. Artificial lights provide enough of that to grow the plant inside the aquarium. 

So, you need to put artificial lights to ensure a healthy system in your tank. 

Reasons My Top Fin Led Light Not Working and How to Fix It

If you are an aquarist for some time, you may know that top fin led light makes trouble at some point. It is a common criterion of aquarium LED lights. There can be many reasons behind it. Here are some of them for you to understand. 

Blinking LED light 

It is one of the most common LED light problems. After plugging the light, it seems that the lights want to be lit but cannot. Instead blinking like a horror movie scene. 

It occurs when the power unit is problematic. It can also happen if the power adaptor has any loose connection. 

The Fix 

Simply changing the power adaptor can solve this problem. But firstly, check the source and the adapter with a voltage meter. 

If any of them are faulty, you can easily change them. Sometimes it happens with the new power source as well. 

Because the plug eventually comes out for the default of the adaptor. You can solve this by plugging the lights individually. 

Getting Dim in One Side 

At some point, you may notice the Led light is working fine but it is getting din in one end. Voltage drop is the main reason behind it. 

If there is excessive electrical current flow or excessive resistance in the circuitry in the particular circuit design, it can cause a voltage drop.

The Fix

Most of the LED lights along with the top fin comes with a recommendation of the length you can use. Using excess length than recommended causes voltage drops. 

Read the instruction manual carefully and do it exactly how it says. It will ensure safe and trouble-free usage of top fin LED light. 

The trouble with the Brightness 

If you have candy cane coral in your tank, it will need low-intensity light. Doing it with a remote-controlled timer is reasonable. 

But it is troublesome and turns bright automatically before the time runs out. But can be dangerous for the corals. 

The Fix 

Do it manually instead of using the timer mode. What happens when you use timer mode is, that eventually, it starts to brighten up to 100% and then starts to decrease again.

But if you set intensity without a timer, the chances are high that this problem will not occur.  

Led Light Not Responding to the Remote 

This happens especially when you have plugged the light after unplugging it or during a power outage. In both cases afterward, the light faces trouble connecting with the remote and refuse to work.

The Fix 

Normally the problem here is in the remote, not in the light. The solution for this is to resync the remote with the light. Do it every time you unplugged the lights. 

Hopefully, it will solve the problem here. 

Top Fin LED Light Stopped Working 

In some extreme cases. The top fin LED light stop working completely. There are several reasons why this may happen. 

There may be a problem with the power source, the voltage, or simply the lights are damaged. I am going to list some of the ways you can try out and see if any of these work for you. 

The Fix 1

If a lot is going on in your aquarium, for example having corals in them requires a lot of things to be connected. When you connect many things into the same outlet it requires more voltage. It can damage the lights. 

To check if it is the problem or not, simply plug the lights into another outlet. If the light is lit, the problem is solved. 

The Fix 2

Make sure your electric supply is working correctly. You can check it by using a volt meter. 

Sometimes the problem in the electric supply also creates problems in the lighting. It can be dangerous if there is a problem with your electric supply. Other electric appliances can be damaged for this as well. 

Repair it as soon as possible if there is any problem. LED light problem will solve with it too. 

Carefully check if there is any loose connection or sign of a short circuit. 

The Fix 3

If the above-mentioned solution does not work, that probably means the light is problematic itself. In this case, replacing the light will solve the problem.


I will not say LED lights are a must-have for your aquarium. It is not a necessary part like a filter or heater if your aquarium is situated beside the window. If it gets direct or indirect sunlight, artificial light is not needed. 

But if the tank is somewhere in the dark spot in your house, you should keep the light for the well-being of your fish as well as the plants. 

And after using the lights for a fair amount of time, it is common to have problems with them. But hopefully, this article helped you to know the common problems better. 

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