Did You Know Who Makes Aqueon Aquariums?

No matter if you are an aquarist or not, buying aquariums is a mess, right? In this industry, you’ll get to know many names but Aqueon will stand out from the rest.

Who makes Aqueon aquariums? All-Glass Aquarium Co., Inc., now manufactures Aqueon Aquariums under Central Garden company. All-Glass produces all kinds of furniture, filtration, water care products etc. for Aqueon.

However, in this article, I am going to give you a brief and precise answer to your common queries. So, stay with us!

Who Makes Aqueon Aquariums?

Aqueon was previously known to be under the AGA or All- Glass Aquarium company. But not too long ago, they opened up as a genuine identity and became a part of Central Aquatics, Central garden and pet industry.

AGA is located at Franklin, United States and Aqueon water products used to be manufactured from that very location. Since the recent announcement of ownership, Aqueon has shifted their location.

About the Manufacturer


  • Company name- Aqueon
  • Manufacturer- Central Garden (AGA)
  • Established- 1970
  • Headquarter- Wisconsin

Central Garden was established in 1970 and is located outside California. It is about 1.5 billion in revenue for the company. The company is divided into two categories- pet division and lawn division. Under the pet category, there is a subdomain named- Central aquatics.

Aqueon brand falls under that domain along with some other brands like- Oceanic, Coralife, Kent and Zilla. Aqueon was once known as AGA or All Glass Aquarium and used to sell only glass Aquariums.

But then they decided to open up as a separate brand to meet the needs of all aquatic equipment and became a part of Central Garden.

Where are Aqueon Aquariums Made?

For more than 40 years, the company has been serving the aquatic and pet industry. Their only goal is to provide a healthier life for the pets- lawnside or waterside. Almost all of their water tanks are made in the state of Wisconsin.

From starter kits to water equipment, all are available at Aqueon.

Do Aqueon Aquariums Use Tempered Glass?

Due to the drilling incompetency, many may think that Aqueon have stopped using tempered glasses. To some extent, it is true. But if you look at the 40 gallon and 75 gallon Aqueon tanks, you will notice its usage on the bottom part.

Tempered vs Non- Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a special version of standard glass but goes through a different process. While manufacturing, this glass is cooled slowly to have a sturdy outcome. But when you will try any kind of reformation like- drilling, restyling, tempered glasses would shutter.

On the other hand, non tempered or standard glass is preferable by most of the companies as they can produce a lot of glasses in a short period of time. Central Aquatics uses both of the types and the sticker attached on the bottom part would let you know that.

Fresh Vs. Saltwater Application

Whether you’re using a tempered glass or non- tempered one, Fresh and Saltwater both are okay for Aqueon. The main difference is, Fresh water fishes are more sturdy and less costly.

But then, if you’re looking for a variety in breed, colors etc., Saltwater tanks are better. Just Don’t go for Mini Bow 2.5 and 5 because it won’t allow you proper maintenance.

What Size of Aqueon Aquarium Should You Buy?

In general, Aqueon aquariums can range from 0.5 to 100 gallons. You can always check the dimension and weight written in L x W x H form. However, the general rule is to use almost 1 gallon of water per inch of a specific breed.

Following are some tank sizes to be more clear :

  1. 10 gallons: If you were looking for a small aquarium size of aquarium, then 10 gallons is an ideal size. If it’s still large, go on with a fish bowl instead of a fish tank

The reason is the fluctuations in pH, gas exchange and lack of the surrounding area would hamper your fish.

  1. (Upto) 20 gallons: This is the adequate size if you have a minimal sense of aquastic inhabitants, medium budget but better expectations.

You can easily accommodate half a dozen fishes under 3 or 4 inches in length.

  1. (Upto) 40 gallons: When you’re a busy person and an aquarist at the same time, 40 gallons of Aqueon aquarium is perfect for you.

The larger size gives your fish a freedom to roam around precisely without being monitored every now and then.

  1. Larger than 40 gallons: This option is quite hazardous and challenging at the same time. Only if you are a shop owner or planning on a big project, also have enough to spend- then go for it.

Not to mention, you might need to buy some extra equipment and find a larger place to fit it in.

Is Aqueon a Good Brand for Aquariums?

Aqueon aquariums are well- made and its owners work very carefully with the filtering part. Depending on some customer reviews, following are some reasons to call it best-

  • The heater of the aquariums keeps your inhabitants safe even in 78C.
  • Ideal for any preschool classroom as it offers an ULTRA quiet ambience.
  • Easy setup with reasonable pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where is Aqueon made?

Most of their products are made in Wisconsin.

Are aqueon aquariums good?

Yes, the aquariums have a great filtration method, along with water intake and better surface.

Is the Aqueon aquarium setup hard?

Of course not. You can check their site and ask for a manual.


This is just a piece of brief information if you are an aquarist. But as per your request,I have tried to include all the relevant information about who makes Aqueon aquariums. Now it’s up to you which one to choose!

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