Who Makes Imagitarium Aquariums (Read Before you Buy)

Are you looking for an aquarium that keeps your fish healthy and lively along with easy toxin reduction? Trust me, you won’t find any better option after reading this article. Not to keep you waiting I’m obviously talking about the Imagitarium aquariums.

Who makes Imagitarium aquariums? Petco brand is the sole manufacturer and owner of Imagitarium aquariums since 2014. For about 8years, the company has made aquarium stands, backgrounds, gravel, bedding and so on.

In this article, I will talk about all those relevant issues that kept you waiting from buying your aquariums. Without any delay, let’s jump into today’s article!

Who Makes Imagitarium Aquariums?

Imagitarium, the famous pet brand is now owned by Petco animal supplies store, Inc. They manufacture all of their products and hold responsibility if anything happens to the products.

Imagitarium has not been in this industry for a long time, but from the customer review, you can understand how popular it already is. With lightweight feature and sturdy surface, the brand goes on for your smallest space too

Imagitarium has about 10 million customers and now, they are planning to expand their branches to other countries precisely.

About the Imagitarium Aquariums Manufacturer


  • Company name- Imagitarium
  • Manufacturer- petco
  • Established- 1965
  • Headquarter- California, US.

Petco started off as a mail company. Then it became a famous pet friendly company who made good foods, treats and toppers to ensure a balanced diet for them. But gradually after acquiring famous brands like- Reddy, Whole Hearted, Well & Good, Imagitarium, Petco marked its existence in the fish industry too.

Petco Health and Wellness company is based in the US, more precisely in San Diego, California, US. Apart from the US, Petco has their delicacies in Puerto Rico, and Mexico also. Last year, it had about 5 billion of revenue that surpassed any of its earlier record.

Founded in 1965, the CEO of a Missouri based company, Walter Evans took the first step to open the company in California. As of now, Petco is known to be one of those pet companies who never lost its fame after the 20s.

Where are Imagitarium Aquariums Manufactured?

Imagitarium aquariums are under the workmanship of Petco. As Petco is mainly headquartered in America, most of the products are made there. Then some of the other gadgets are made in Mexico too.

Talking of the manufacturing units, Imagitarium has its own space to produce fish equipment like- backgrounds, aquariums, sand, seeds etc. In California, it produces several models for tropical, Betta or even Coral fishes.

With maximum endurance of safe manufacturing, you can never mistrust Imagitarium.

Is Imagitarium Good for Betta?

Yes, you can purchase their 1.4 gallon fish tank to give the Betta ones a perfect home. In Fact according to the customer reviews, you can customize one as per your need and claim exclusive offers on those.

Imagitarium 1.4 Gallon Betta

If say for this model, this aquarium is only made for your Shrimp friends with a cube- shape figure. Featuring 7 different colors like- amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red and daylight white, you can choose any one with specialized LED lights.

Another good note is, this aquarium is built with a crystal- plastic element but it’s so sharp that you won’t even understand the difference and yet, your tank is safe from disasters.

How do You Use Imagitarium in the Pacific Ocean?

In terms of Imagitarium, you get Imagitarium Pacific Ocean Water in the most precise way possible. When you know the features, it just gets better:

  • Natural water directly from the sea. Then the employees sanitize, filter and make a balance of pH in the water.
  • To ensure the genuinity, they don’t go for any mixing or extra addition to the water.
  • All you need to do is, unpack the pack and just pour that into your aquarium- it’s that easy.

So, if you were looking for the Ocean water option- this is your go to place.

Is Imagitarium Aquarium Worth your Expectations?

Well, when I say expectations, then I mean to have a proper satisfaction after using that very product. After considering the following things, I am sure your opinion would be the same! So, here’s the deal

Best for Beginners

As per my perception, choosing fish tanks seems to be more hussle for the new aquarists rather than the experienced. Talking of that, Imagitarium tanks come as a whole like a starter kit, within a tight budget- though it’s not written on the label.

The best part is, you won’t see any filters hanging on the back part and it just takes one- third of your tank to fit in the filter. So, these ready- made tanks are really a blessing if you are on your new journey.

Excellent Light Mode

Imagitarium do provide LED lights and still they give you an option to adjust that.

There is a sensory part on the lid of the aquariums where you can touch once and the light would be bright. And then, after the 2nd touch, the light gets dim again. So, in just a glance, you turn your ambience on!

Maximum Warranty Period

Imagitarium gives you a guarantee  in return if you contact them within 30 days of your buying. And for warranty, you can avail 1 to 5 years depending on the models- but only for freshwater tanks.

But remember that, you need to show your original buying proof along with their signature. They do not offer any warranty on saltwater fishes and don’t give service on damaged products (on buyer’s end).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Imagitariums Aquariums?

Petco group has the ownership of Imagitarium.

Does Imagitarium offer warranty on saltwater fish?

No, they offer fresh water pets only.

No, they offer fresh water pets only.

Nearly 5 minutes.


That was all about Imagitarium aquariums and my own experience on it. If you still have any doubts on who makes Imagitarium aquariums or its origin, surely comment below.

For any additional query, you can directly knock on our website!

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