The Ultimate Guide to Who Makes Seapora Aquariums

Searching for an aquarium that fits your Marine, Coral and tropical- all species seems tough, right? But it’s not when you know about the Mighty Seapora aquariums.

Who makes seapora aquariums? Total aquatics Inc. has been making Seapora aquariums since decades. Deep blue professionals rebuild them too when needed.

Don’t worry if you have had more questions. Stay on the article to know properly.

Who Makes Seapora Aquariums?


  • Company name- Seapora
  • Manufactured- Naponee, Canada
  • Warranty- 5 years
  • Manufacturer- Total Aquatics Inc.

Total Aquatics Inc. is the sole manufacturer and provider of Seapora products, especially their aquariums. Some particular models for Corals are made by Deep Blue Professionals too.

Both of the brands are in the industry for a long time. But if I talk about their co-productions with Seapora, then Total aquatics has the perfect authority.

With their great warranty, friendly approach and customer service, Total aquatics is rated as one of the topnost aquarium brands.

About the Seapora Aquariums Manufacturer

Total aquatics Inc. is a family-owned company where Tyler works as the main. It started as a freshwater and saltwater cleaning service but now it sells several aquatic products like- aquarium, Transformers, adaptors, bird feed etc.

Total aquatics is very popular in terms of ensuring that your fishes are safe and secure. They work and accommodate with a civil approach.

For 11 years, Taylor put through all the rare and unique breeds you can ever expect. As they have all the things from a fish to breeding the fish, it’s a one- stop- solution for sure.

Where are Seapora Aquariums Manufactured?

Seapora aquariums and almost maximum gadgets of this very brand are manufactured in Canada. To be specific, they are profoundly made at Napanee, ON K7R 123, 7 Dundas St W. The company has announced plans to expand their area soon.

Talking of the manufacturing quality, Seapora owners ensure all the safety precautions from the start to the end. Most of the time, they use galvanized materials to cope- up with modern technology.

What are Seapora Aquariums Made Of?

When I talk about seapora tanks, then it’s not always the better service- it’s about the better craftsmanship too.

Black Silicone

Black silicone is a precise kind of semiconductor material which is produced at a really high temperature. It has a low reflexivity and high absorption power. The anti- reflective or AR coating of this very material helps for aquarium surface modification.

So far, the Black silicon is known to be one of the best chemical and biosensing products to keep the glass strong and safe.

Tempered Glass

Most of the seapora models are made of tempered glass- that’s true. It sometimes feels a fragile manufacturing Idea as it doesn’t work for the drills.

So when you have any Coral breed, you might find some problems. But from the five star customer review, I can assume people have dealt with it quite reasonably.

What are the Common Sizes of the Seapora Aquariums?

If you are done reading all the information above, then now is the time you need to focus at most. Imagine you are already a learned aquarist but in the end, you bought one tank that doesn’t fit! Seems awkward right?

Seapora has plenty of sizes to offer you on that note. Well, this is crazy:

  • 1 Gallon 8x4x8″ (2 compartments) with divider or top
  • 1.5 Gallon Crystal Series 7x7x7″ Rimless Cube
  • 1.5 Gallon 12x6x6″ W/Glass Canopy & Dividers (3 compartments)
  • 1.9 Gallon (3 way) with dividers or top
  • 2 Gallon rimless cube 8x8x8″

These are just small ones. Now if you want stands and wood canopies, you have-

  • 36×18″ Monarch Canopy (Black or Oak)
  • 48×13″ Monarch Canopy (Black or Oak)
  • 48×18″ Monarch Canopy (Black or Oak)
  • 60×18″ Monarch Canopy (Black or Oak)
  • 72×18″ Monarch Canopy (Black or Oak)

Is Seapora a Good Aquarium Brand?

Seapora aquariums are fit to be used for any water intake of a filtration system. You might be wondering:

  • Canister filters
  • Hang- on filters
  • Trickle filters
  • All the mechanical filters-

Do all these work in Seapora models? The answer is- yes!

To be precise, they use their frames in a top and bottom injection-molded way to ensure its strength. Their Diamond polish edges are also able to give maximum support- in and out.

What is the Warranty Period of Seapora Aquariums?

Seapora brand offers you a five-year warranty period. To claim it, you need to prove your original identity at first and mail at [email protected]. Also, this offer is okay to process only within the first 30 days of purchase.

But if you are buying an aquarium cabinet which is not made by the seapora brand, you can claim your warranty within 90 days only. This will provide you with some additional rights on the products too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Seapora aquariums tempered glass?

Yes, most of the mideals are tempered glass.

Who manufactures Seapora aquariums?

It’s Total Aquatics Inc.

How long are Seapora aquariums good for?

Seapora aquariums have a warranty period of 5 years, but mostly, they are good for 10 years.

Would you get a Seapora aquarium stand with their aquariums?

With larger models- yes.

How can I contact Seapora?

It’s simple. Just mail at [email protected]and you’ll get their ins and outs.


No matter if you are searching for a fish tank, or Acrylic ones, Seapora would never disappoint you. Ican say it from my experience too! So, if you are a new bee in this industry, thai article is a blessing and if you are not, then it’s a suggestion.

That’s all for today. Hope I have helped you enough to know about who makes seapora aquariums. Visit our site to know more about this stuff thoroughly.

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