Before You Buy: Who Makes Top Fin Aquariums?

People in the United States have changed the meaning of pets in the last decade. Taking the fish industry to the top level is proof why aquarium and every brand related to it occupied a grand Fame.

Talking of brands, Top Fin is one among the highest rated brands of aquariums in the US. But do you know who makes Top Fin aquariums? If not, this is the exact article you are looking for.

Don’t hesitate to know more about your best affordable brand of fish equipment. So, stay on this article and let’s explore together.

Who Makes Top Fin Aquariums?

United pet group is the sole manufacturer of Top Fin aquariums. They have claimed their issue of Top Fin in 2016 and since then, the brand is working under them. Spectrum company takes care of the United group now and is based in Missouri.

With over 700 products including- pumps, filters, plants and accessories, Top Fin is a great choice for anyone with a good aquarium taste. As United Pet is in charge now, you can expect a filter of Fin ranging between $1.99 to $650. Both Fin and United are committed to offer their customers healthy and prosperous hygiene features regarding fish property.

About the Manufacturer


  • Company name- Top Fin
  • Manufacturer- UPG
  • Established- 1997
  • Headquarter- Earth city, Missouri.

United pet group or UPG is a Spectrum based company who stand for better treats and long playtime with your pets. They have a huge list of established companies namely- Retail companies (Grove, blinkit), Southern US Retail (Gamestop), East Coast companies and so on.

United Group is solely located in the core of Virginia- Blacksburg, United States. Their main headquarters regions are- East Coast and Southern US. They were established in 1997 and are known as mostly paid suppliers to the pet owners.

Later in 2004, it was occupied by the United Industries Corporation, a leading manufacturing brand of insecticides and lawn care. Consequently, UPG co- partnered with several companies like- with Firstrax in 01/05, Tetra in 04/05 and Jungle in 08/05. Throughout these consecutive years, the brand has created a strong base in the fishery industry.

Are Top Fin Tanks Made by Aqueon?

Recently, Petsmart has included Aqueon in their product list that states 65 gallon and 75 gallon tanks. As these sizes can be found in both Top Fin and Aqueon and the infrastructures, manufacturing sites seem to be the same, people are confused about their origin.

To be clear of that, Top Fin and Aqueon are not the same company. The Aqueon tanks have a bottom glass panel which is stamped with a laser. Also the main owner of Aqueon is AGA or All Glass Aquarium company that holds all the initials.

On the other hand, Top Fin has all the rights reserved by the UPG or United Pet Group. This spectrum brands company operates with Marineland for the structural designs of its products- that’s where the main difference lies.

Top Fin Vs. Aqueon: Which One is Better?

Both of the brand’s hold quite a good popularity in Northern America, but with separate customer reactions. For example, if you are in Illinois, you’ll feel the acceleration of Calcium in your water tanks.

This creates a calcification on the glassy tanks that when you try to remove it, it can often cause problems like- pitting. Then another issue is the plastic sheets that hold the two panes of glass together. So, if the versa top of a fish tank can behold the problem of calcification that Petsmart offers through Top Fin, then it’s smarter to buy from them.

But in terms of Aqueon, their tanks repeatedly failed to ensure that calcification problem. So, when the water evaporates, the base and sheets between the top glass becomes fragile. So, you know which one to choose!

Where are Top Fin Aquarium Manufactured?

Top Fin company is under co-operation with the UPG group which is a subsidiary of the Spectrum. So, Top Fin products, especially their aquariums and fish products are manufactured in the headquarter of UPG, which is at Earth city, Missouri.

One of the main reasons behind choosing Missouri is being the source of salt and fresh water both. The company aims to provide a healthy fish care for any environment and their manufacturing plant is highly made keeping in mind all these initials.

Starting from their filters, pumps, or gravels, Top Fin, along with UPG have hundreds of products available at Petsmart, eBay or Amazon.

Do Top Fin Tanks Have a Warranty?

Yes, Top Fin water tanks give you a 10 to lifetime warranty. Mostly the tanks have a lifetime of 5 to 10 years. But if you want to claim a bit more, you can contact their customer service and get free help anytime.

To claim that support, you’d obviously need to register on their site while buying the tanks. Almost in all cities in the Northern part you can get a same day delivery. You can also buy their products on self- service from any of your local petsmart shop corners.

Is Top Fin a Good Brand to Buy Aquariums?

Top Fin has a quite good name in the fish industry along with several confusing reviews. For instance, the brand provides built in tanks and they have been in the industry since 1997. So, you cannot really question their stand!

But then again, they recently got a breakdown when people reviewed their heaters. Talking of that, you surely need to do your part of research before buying a Top Fin model.

 But overall I would say that with a tight budget and new brain in this industry, you can get a decent tank structure from Top Fin brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who manufactures Top Fin Aquariums?

United Pet Group manufactures Top Fin items.

How is Top Fin Aquarium Customer service?

Best if I say precisely. You can call them 24/7 without any charge.

Is Top Fin a good Aquarium?

With lifetime warranty and better customer care, the brand has handled fame since 1997.


You cannot claim the best aquarium if you are on a tight budget. Similarly, you cannot expect a lifetime special service from most of the fish market owners. But as you’re getting both of these in a single brand, what’s more you can expect?

So, that was all about who makes Top Fin aquariums. If you want to know more, do let me ask.

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