Who Makes Oceanic Aquariums? (Things You should Know)

Having marine tank life in your tiny house really seems like a mess. Especially when you’re a new aquarist. But when you’d have the best option to buy, You’ll never have to give it a second thought. Well, yeah, I’m talking about Oceanic aquariums.

Who makes Oceanic aquariums? Oceanic tanks and aquariums are made by the famous line of aquarium builders- Central Garden ; pet. They are known as the highest rated brand in the industry.

In this article, I’ll talk about the ins and outs of Oceanic aquariums.So, stay tuned!

Who Makes Oceanic Aquariums?

Central Garden; Pet is the only company who makes Oceanic aquariums. Since last 42 years, the company has produced several water intake products like- tanks, aquariums, filtration equipment and so on.

Oceanic aquariums has another competitor under Central garden, and that’s Aqueon. But people seem to be more interested in the Oceanic glass tanks recently.

However, with several subsidiaries like- McKenzie Seeds, Central Pet Distribution, the company sells hundreds of products worldwide.

About the Oceanic Aquariums Manufacturer


  • Company name- Oceanic
  • Manufacturer- Central Garden
  • Headquarters- California, North America
  • Warranty- 1 year

Founded by Bill Brown, the Central Garden; Pet company started its journey in 1980. For more than 40 years, it has been offering the most unique and usable house- based products.

In 1992, the company opened its door of incorporation. Then after 1 year, it went publicly on the NASDAQ to raise local acceptance. In the next few years, Central purchased popular pet brands namely- TFH publications, Nylabone Kaytee and Wellmark.

After celebrating 40 years of success, the brand has announced their aim to protect the greenery of the earth. Located in Walnut Creek, California, Central Garden has the highest number of aquariums in North America now.

Where are Oceanic Aquariums Manufactured?

Oceanic aquariums and glass tanks are under the supervision of Central garden company. So, primarily, their products are manufactured in California, North America.

The main headquarters of Central is Walnut, California. Though the CEO of it has recently announced to expand it to other regions too, the main is still the same.

Earlier in 2006, the brand was moved from Texas to Franklin, Wi. From that time, most of the tanks were made in California.

Is Oceanic and Aqueon the Same Company?

Oceanic and Aqueon fall under the same company named- Central garden. For this reason, many think that both of the brands fall under the same construction – but that’s a real misconception.

  • Oceanic aquariums are in the market for 10 to 12 years. But Aqueon has been there for nearly 42 years.
  • Both of their owners are Central Garden but Oceanic falls under the Pet section and Aqueon under AGA.
  • Then again, Oceanic tanks and aquariums are mostly usable in the range of 0.5 to 30 gallons. But Aqueon ranges from 0.5 to 110 gallons.

So, there might be some similarities, but both have different identities for sure.

Are Oceanic Aquariums Tempered Glass?

Well, the answer is yes. Almost all the glass tanks and aquariums have tempered glass on their bottom portion. But the top side is out of that list as sometimes the buyers want to dig a hole or drill on that part.

But then, the good news is that- you can also structuralize your tank without tempered glass on special request. So, if you need it, most of the time for reef related equipment, all you need to do is mail them and You’ll get your priority done.

Are Oceanic Aquariums Worth Your Expectations?

When your aquariums go beyond the expectations of just being a water parameter, you really need to know the answer. And the best part of this brand is, it has been evolving since its establishment.

Want to know the best part? Oceanic aquariums are made in such a way that its building material and quality would surely add a point:

Starphire Glass

Nowadays, aquatic passion has touched the sky and so is its structuralism. If you look at a conventional glass, you’ll see the greenish edge that gets brighter when the thickness increases. But in starphire, it doesn’t happen at any cost.

So, Oceanic aquariums are made with starphire ones so that you can get a thicker glass, but with a clearer look. The next time you feel a clear indication on your fishes, remember its for Starphire.

Bevelled Edges

Beveled edges on aquariums are a great additional point- it simply means glass seaming. To do this, the manufacturers use a 1″ belt sander with about 120 grit sandpaper.

Sometimes a 3″ or 4″ belt sander is also used to give perfection. By using light pressure and spreading it to the whole corner, this whole process gives a greater outlook on aquariums.

Nice Trim

One more fact that keeps Oceanic aside from other aquariums is that it not only thinks about the outer structure but also ensures the inner quality. For example, you’ll get the stem plants cut to a precise size when you buy one. That sounds fun, right?

Also, you can have a guide on how to take care of the fishes and plants anytime on their site. So, if you are still confused, just check out their website and you’d never regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Oceanic aquariums?

Central garden; pet.

Is there any Warranty?

Yes, but only on replacement. They won’t give you any cash.

Does Oceanic still make aquariums?

Of course. But they manufacture those in California now, not Texas.


The first thing that Oceanic believes in is- “It’s all about fishes!”. I think that motto is what attracts the buyers, as well as motivates them to do better.

I have talked about all my reviews on who makes Oceanic aquariums. If you think my experiences is worth learning from, then do visit their site once for sure

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