Fish Tank Filter Replacement Cost and Guide

Selecting a good Fish Tank Filter will pay you in the long run. No matter, you are buying a filter for the first time or replacing it, the cost might bother you.

Fish Tank Filter Replacement Cost is highly dependable on the aquarium and livestock you have inside it. Generally, you will find the filter in various price ranges. It can be cheap as $5 and expensive as $400.

Here I will give you a proper idea about the cost and what things you need to consider before buying an aquarium filter.

How Much Do Different Types of Fish Tank Filter Costs?

In the market, nowadays you will find various types of filters. The cost is also different according to the filter type and function. Here I am mentioning some of those filter types, their cost as well as some recommendation for you.

Air-Driven Internal Fish Tank Filter

This is the smallest filter you can find which is best for nano fish tanks. If the tank is small and has lesser fish in it, there is no need to get a huge filter. This air-driven filter will do best what it needs to do.

But keep in mind, this filter only provides mechanical and biological filtration. Chemical filtration is not a part of it.

Aquaneat is one of the best brands to get this filter. Other than that, there are also brands like Corner, Xin You, etc.

Price Range: You can get this filter for around $7-$16 depending on brand and quality.

Undergravel Filter

The name of the filter is self-explanatory as the filter sits under a gravel layer. So, it also helps to keep the aquarium layers uninterrupted. This filter also does only mechanical and biological filtration.  

Mechanical filtration occurs when the water passes through the gravel level. While passing the essential bacteria get trapped in the gravel and do the biological filtration part.

This filter is not fully effective to capture pollutants and debris. But if you need an affordable one, you can consider this option.

There are many options when it comes to this filter. Lee’s Original Undergravel Filter, Aquarium Equip ISTA Undergravel Filter, Imagitarium Undergravel Filter, and Penn Plax Premium Undergravel Filter are some of the bests you can look for.

Price Range: The price range of this filter is $10-$20.

Power Filter

These are the most user-friendly and commonly used filter for their durability. It has all three types of filtration systems in it such as mechanical, chemical, and biological. It will also cost you less because you do not have to use any certain type of filter cartridges in it.

Fluval, Aquaclear, Aquaneat provides some of the best power filters for fish tank.

Price Range: You can get this in a wide range of price which starts at $30 and go beyond $180.

Internal filters

Internal filters are submergible and attached to the water pump inside the tank. It sucks the water in a direction inside the filter to the filter media.

Like most filters, it also comes with mechanical and biological filtration. It works best for the small and medium sizes thanks.

Fluval, Tetra Whisper, Aqueon are some of the best brands you can pick this filter from.

Price Range: You can find internal filters at a cheap rate like $20 as well as high end like over $180. High-end internal filters are more durable than cheap ones.

Canister Filter

If you are deciding to move to a larger fish tank and add some more fish into that you should consider a canister filter. Because it will provide the best quality filtration to your tank.

The inlet pipe of this filter sucks out the water, clean it on the way, and gets it back to the tank. Different canisters come with different sizes and features which you can choose from.

Fluval, Eheim Classic, and Aqueon are the best brands to look for canister filters.

Price Range: As the canister filter will provide you with high-quality filtration, It is in a expensive side. You will find it around the $100-$400 price range.

Wet and Dry Filter

If you have a saltwater aquarium and need more oxygenation then this filter is the right choice for you. It also provides biological filtration exceptionally well.

And do not worry about the name of this filter. It is just because the filter media is exposed to water and air altogether.

Yescom and Wave-Point have those filters available for you to collect.

Price Range: It comes with a wide price range which is around $20-$200.

Fish Tank Filter Buying Guide

Now that you know which type of filter will best suit you. Now read below and have a depth of knowledge about buying an Fish Tank Filter.

Tank Size

The size of your fish tank is the main factor you need to consider before buying a filter. Because a big tank will need a filter powerful enough to filter the water multiple time every hour. The small tank does not require that much.

On the other hand, all types of filters do not fit in all aquariums. You have to be sure of that as well.

Fish Density

The next important thing is, how many fish your aquarium contains. If the fish population is big you are going to need a stronger filter. Which a tank with fewer fish will not need.

The characteristic of the fish is also important. Some fish are more prone to get messier than others. It does not matter if they are fewer in number. Yet, you will be needing stronger filtration.

Types of Fish

The type of livestock needs to be considered as well. A fish tank that contains shrimps or other delicate fish needs a filter with a slow flow rate. otherwise, they will be sucked into the filter.

On the other hand, fish like hillstream loach need a high flow rate to fully thrive. Some fish are more sensitive to water change than others.

You need to buy filters according to the need of your livestock in the tank to make the most out of it.

Water Quality of Your Area  

What is the condition of the water quality in your area that needs to be checked before buying the filter.

You may have noticed by now that, most of the filters do not have a chemical filtration system. It is because in some areas water has reverse osmosis filtration systems in it. Which do not actually need any chemical filtration.

But if your area’s water contains excessive chlorine or metal then you must have to get a filter with a chemical filtration system.


The filter maintains your fish tank and you need to maintain the filter. Many aquarists overlook this criterion and suffer later. Because, without a proper and regular cleaning routine, the filter will not be efficient for much longer.

Cannister filters are easier to clean than others and wet-dry filters are the hardest. Confirm which one will be easier for you to do the routine cleaning and maintenance.


By now you should have a good idea about filters, their price, and their types. There are so many but consider the things mentioned above and you are good to go.

But do not ignore the necessity of the fish as well as the filter requirements. So that, you can start the new journey on the right foot.

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