What Are the Dimensions of a 5 Gallon Fish Tank?

Buying a 5-gallon fish tank is a critical choice to make. Because the biofiltration is much lower as the filter is tiny. But the first thing you need to know is what is the dimension of a 5-gallon fish tank. what is the weight of a 5-gallon fish tank?

The dimension of a 5-gallon fish tank is approximate 16″ x 8″ x 10″ and the weight is around 7 lbs.

Dimension of a 5 Gallon Fish Tank

16″ x 8″ x 10″ is the dimension of a 5-gallon fish tank.

It is small in the size margin. You might think, as it is a small tank, you need to take less care compared to the bigger ones. But the reality is exactly the opposite.

As the area of this tank is small that means a slight change will create a big impact on the overall environment of the tank. The biofiltration capacity is small so you need to be very careful not to overstock with many fish.

Lastly, you need a strong filtration system so that the environment can remain healthy for the fish.

Weight of 5 Gallon Fish Tank

The empty weight of a 5-gallon fish tank is 7 lbs. and the water-filled weight is 62 lbs.

In the case of weight, the shape of a 5-gallon tank does not matter. As the dimension of a 5-gallon will remain the same, the weight will be the same as well.

A 5-gallon fish tank does not weigh much. So, there is not much to worry about where to put it or stuff like that. You can fit this tank almost anywhere you like.

How Many Fish Can Accommodate in a 5-Gallon Fish Tank?

The common rule of keeping fish in an aquarium is that every inch of each fish requires a gallon of water. This rule will apply to most small fish. You can keep 2-4 fish by applying this rule.

Tetras, Betta, Rasbora, and Shrimps along will fish which do not grow more than one inch are good choices for a 5-gallon fish tank. Fish that grow more than one inch is not recommended for a tank this size.

Is 5 Gallon Tank Good for Me?

If you are not a complete beginner and have experience maintaining an aquarium then a 5-gallon tank is good for you.

You can understand what is going on inside the tank and what’s need to do. It is not possible for a complete beginner to do so. As the 5-gallon is smaller in size margin, understanding the water change can be overwhelming for them.

Many people get confused at this point and think that smaller aquarium is good for beginners and larger ones for experts. But the case is not that, unfortunately. The best size for beginners to start with is a 20-gallon or medium-range tank size.

What to Look for in a 5-Gallon Fish Tank

There are some aspects you need to consider before buying a 5-gallon fish tank. Make sure these features are not missing in the tank.

Lighting and Hood

Buying a hooded aquarium is beneficial for many reasons. Because there are varieties of fish you can keep in a 5-gallon tank that are frequent jumpers such as goldfish or betta fish. If your tank is not hooded, you can lose a fish at any time.

If the hood has LED light set into it then that is another plus point. Because you need lighting anyway. LED lights are good for fish and plants as well. As they almost recreate the natural light cycle for them.


Design is another important thing to consider. The tank must match your interior. Otherwise, it will ruin the broader view of the room.

As a 5-gallon tank is small enough to put on your desk or in a corner, make sure the surroundings match the design or your taste.

Hidden Filtration

The 5-gallon tank is small already. A visible filter inside the tank makes it look smaller. So, it is a wise decision to look for an aquarium that provides hidden filtration. There is a lot of option with this feature recently.

Our Top Three 5 Gallon Tank Choices

Here are three of our top 5-gallon you can choose from.

1. Fluval Spec V

Fluval Spec V is one of the best 5-gallon filters where you are going to get all in one. Firstly, the look of this filter is sleek and aesthetic. The three sides of this filter are see-through so that you can know what is happening inside.

It comes with the strongest filtration you can get. It’s 3 stage filtration is important because smaller tanks tend to get dirty more than larger ones. It also has a 7000k 37 LED lighting strip.

2. Marineland Portrait

This filter is another one you can go for if you need an aesthetic tank. It is a decent-looking one that will also provide you with a three-stage filtration which is a must-have for a 5-gallon tank.

It comes with a LED light with white and blue lighting options. Which you can use both day and night.

It is a good tank for beginners with the good built quality and an unparalleled view.

3. Lifeguard Full View

This tank is a unique-looking one that will provide you with a view bigger than it actually is. Other than the looking, it also provides you with a three-stage filtration like the previous one.

The drainer in this tank makes the water change much easier. If you want to place your CO2 diffusor, this tank has a line integrated for that.

But the drawback of this tank is, it does not have any lighting included. But the dimensions are good enough so that you can set up your own lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you clean a 5-gallon fish tank?

You have to clean a 5-gallon fish tank weekly.

How many fishes can you put in a 5-gallon tank?

2-4 fish, not larger than 1 inch.

What is a 5-gallon fish tank good for?

Betta fish is the best choice for a 5-gallon tank.

What can live in a 5-gallon tank, not fish?

Freshwater shrimp, corals, button polyps, snails, small hermit crabs, etc.


Dimension is an important factor in what kind of fish or how you aim to set up the fish tank. Though it is small tank, with creativity you can create a fabulous mini ecosystem inside it.

Do research as per your consideration and find out what you can do and what not in this tank. This way you can make a setup that lasts a lifetime.

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