Who Makes Marineland Aquariums? A Detailed Brand Information

When you are on your way to buy a simple aquarium, but get to know one that serves you a greater outlook with LED lighting- seems interesting right? Marineland company, as the name suggests, gives you the touch of elegance and stability at the same time.

Who makes Marineland aquariums? The famous Spectrum brand pet, LLC owns Marineland aquariums now. It is based in Wisconsin and works as the main lead in their aquatic sub- section.

In this article, we will walk you through the best answers to your confusions. If you are also a new learner like me, don’t miss this and let’s dive together!

Who Makes Marineland Aquariums?


  • Company- Marineland Aquarium
  • Established- 1970
  • Manufacturer- Spectrum Brand Pet, LLC
  • Warranty- Lifetime (over 20 gallon)

Spectrum Brand Pet, LLC is the parent company of Marineland aquariums. Under their supervision, United Pet Group manufactures the water equipment of Marineland. Their product includes- aquariums, Fish tanks, Filtration system and so on.

United Pet is divided into 2 parts- Companion animals and Aquatics. Under Aquatics, you’ll find 4 renowned aquatic companies. Those are- Marineland, Tetra, Instant Ocean and jungle Labs. Nowadays, Marineland is more popular as “Perfecto”.

And not to mention, all of them fall under the sole ownership of the Spectrum brand which is based at Wisconsin. So, when you are buying a Marineland aquarium, you are actually buying a Spectrum product.

About the Manufacturer

Spectrum brand started as a home- based product delivery company at an initial time. But time and again, it evolved so dramatically that people from every generation can buy their own goods here.

It is a US based company who serves millions of customers each year. Founded in 1906, it was first introduced by a French battery company named Rayovac Corporation. Then the executive chairman and CEO of the company changed it to the main lead home equipment line.

Spectrum is mainly based in Middleton, Wisconsin, US as the competitor of Central Pet. Since the last 100 years, Spectrum has become a “Name” in everyone’s life within the USA.

Are Aquarium Stock Company and Marineland Aquarium the Same?

No, both of the companies are different. Because of the same ownership, people sometimes mistake Marineland to be the Aquarium stock. But if you look at the history gradually, you’ll understand the difference.

Aquarium Stock (History)

Robert Sherman was an entrepreneur who first entered into this fish tank industry with high- lobster tanks. He went slowly and in 1968, he purchased Aquarium Stock company with all his savings. Aquarium Stock was quite a renowned company then.

Marineland (History)

Marineland became the solely separated company of Robert and Aquarium Stock remained as an incorporation. By the end of 1970, Marineland became the highest reviewed company and Aquarium Stock started losing its identity on a bad note.

Still some of their products are in the market, but with different names.

Marineland Aquarium Vs. Tetra Aquarium: Which one is better?

Like Central Pet, Spectrum brand also has a few companies who work under the same brand. For example- Marineland and Tetra.  Talking of the better quality or manufacturing process, here’s the kicker:

  • Marineland has been in the industry since 1970, but Tetra has been popular for the last 70 years. They first came to the US in about 1951.
  • As for the usage, Marineland has the bio wheel- more room to grow bacteria. Though Tetra also spares some spaces, but not that sufficient.
  • For the water intake part, Marineland offers a suction cup filter instead of a hang on back filter. But Tetra offers you both depending on models.
  • Tetra has air pumps to power the under gravel filters. But you won’t get that option in Marineland. Also, Tetra has been for the longest time in this industry.

So, it depends on your preference which one is your need.

Are Marineland Aquariums Worth your Expectations?

No matter if you are an experienced aquarist or just came to know about this part of the world, once at least in your life you’ve heard about Marineland.

Want to know the best part? Following are some reasons you can not think twice yo buy Marineland:

Filtration Accuracy

So, if you are buying a 5 gallon water tank and are confused about the space. Then you can buy a 500 gallon tank but think of proper maintenance. But one thing you can never be confused about is your purificationing method of the filter.

Marineland offers you different equipment in all the 3 types of filtration. Those are-

  • Mechanical Filtration: Here they use filter pad or floss to filter the solid materials.
  • Chemical Filtration: Here, they use high- end products like- Activated carbon to filter organic pollutants.
  • Biological Filtration: Here, the system uses bacteria to reduce toxic pollutants.

Aquarium Lighting Infographic

Light is an essential element especially if you want to ensure a proper growth of your plants. Photosynthesis is the primary tool for growth and better light plays a vital role there.

There are mainly 3 types of lighting system for your fish- Fluorescent, T5 HO and LED. Among these, LED is the newest and most energized lighting method that helps your fishes grow naturally but on a healthy note. Marineland offers LEDs on almost every model you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Marineland Aquariums leak due to poor caulking?

No, unless you set that up in a faulty environment or place.

Do the Marineland Aquariums offer replacement LED lights?

Only if they were broken in the first place. But after using it for some time, they won’t give you any replacement.

What is the warranty of Marineland Aquariums?

Lifetime warranty but only on the models over 20 gallons.


My experience with Marineland has always been the best. But as I already told you, experience is just a tool to go forward, whereas customer reviews might vary from situation to situation.

So, if you want to know anything more about who makes Marineland aquariums, text me on the comment section!

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