Who Makes Fluval Aquariums (Detailed Brand Information)

While looking for an aquarium, it’s hard to find one with global excellence, right? But what happens if you find one and that too within your budget? Well, you buy them. Not to mention, it’s the only Fluval you can rely on.

Who makes Fluval aquariums? The famous brand Hagen makes Fluval aquariums. For more than 30 years, they have been in this copartnership.

If you are also a fish-hobbyist like me, you’re just on the right page. Let’s dive in then!

Who Makes Fluval Aquariums?

Hagen company bought the partnership of Fluval almost a decade ago. Since then, they are manufacturing Fluval products like- stylish tanks, aquariums and filter equipment.

Hagen ensures a proper growth of your fishes by serving an accurate line of pH and filtration. They offer several sizes of aquariums but the most famous ones are- 6 gallons and 12 gallons.

So, if you are confused about Fluval and its origin, you can be rest assured as it’s Hagen.

About the Manufacturer 

Rolf C. Hagen Company or Hagen Inc. was established in 1955. Having Hagen’s two brothers – Dieter and Horst, he started the company in Quebec, Canada which is going to celebrate its 70 years.

They started the journey as a pet industry and still remains the same as their aim is to expand it overseas. Hagen has succeeded in doing so as we see their branches in more than 5 countries now. Namely- US, France, Germany, Malaysia and England.

Hagen company not only manufactures Fluval aquariums, they are also the provider of Aquaclear, Marina, Habitrail and Exo Terra. Today, they stand as one of the most famous pet companies across Western Canada.

Where are Fluval Aquariums Manufactured?

Fluval aquariums are made in Italy and also delivered from there in an emergency. The CEO of Fluval ensures that they have bought a manufacturing area in Italy to ensure all the safety measures while production.

The firm produces water tanks, fish seeds, aquariums and many other fishing gadgets.

As Fluval is now under the supervision of Hagen Inc., people sometimes miscalculate its origin as Canada. However, now it only has its manufacturing plant in Italy.

Is Fluval a Good Brand for Aquariums?

If you are looking for a fish tank with utmost structure and inner quality, then Fluval is worth it. Since 1955 till now, the company has introduced us with hundreds of new models- each with separate infrastructure. When you’d look for your needs, it gets better:

Freshwater and Marine Water Tanks

You will get both of these options in Fluval. Most of the Fluval aquariums are made for freshwater tanks. But the good news is, you can have Marine water aquariums too and people just love them!

Their one of the best selling marine tanks is the Fluval Flex 123L Marine.

It’s a renowned model among the Fluval bold curved aquarium series. The best part of this aquarium is a 24- hour lighting system, more precisely an LED system that ensures a healthy growth of your pet.

Variations in Size

Another great feature that creates a distinction between Fluval and other aquariums is, their variety in size and models. Starting from the small Fluval Chi Aquarium to Fluval Spec 10L tank to straight the Vicenza 260L- what’s not in it?

So, when you are in need of buying a small tank for your Goldfish or tropical ones, you can pick the Fluval Chi one. Then again for a spacious dimension, you can obviously go for the Vicenza models. These bow- fronted tanks would come with LED lights too.

Advanced Motor Technology

Motor and air pumps are generally used in aquariums to ensure that your fishes are getting enough oxygen. The pumps work thoroughly to increase surface agitation so that the fishes can exhale more CO2 and inhale more Oxygen.

With the new motor technology, you’ll not have to worry if your air pump is working properly or not. It’s because motors do not need any oil or fuel and they can serve more than enough Oxygen with high- efficiency.

How Often Should You Replace Your Fluval Filter Media?

When it comes to filter media, there are a couple of options. But among them, bio media and chemical ones are the prior in the Fluval list. They also offer ideal surfaces for nitrifying bacteria to grow on.

  • Bio Media: The ideal time to change a bio filter media is at least once in 6 month. The foam pad of your aquarium can hamper the inner water area if not changed after a certain time.
  • Chemical Media: or chemical media, the best way to get a steady performance is to change it once every month. As you know of this carbon and ammonia remover, you can consider these as a tissue paper to wipe your discoloration or odor.

What is the Warranty Period of Fluval Aquariums?

This warranty period depends on the model you buy. Some aquariums have 1 year of warranty and some have more. But in most cases, it’s 5 years of warranty.

To claim this offer, you need to show the proof of your buying. Fluval gives this warranty on defective products and workmanship. If you cause any consequential damage, negligence or improper installation to the product, the company won’t offer warranty then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What country is fluval from?

Fluval is an International Private company established in 1955.

Are fluval filters any good?

If you consider the durability and infrastructure, then it is one of the best options.

How long does a Fluval aquarium last?

The warranty period is 5 years, but it generally lasts up to 10 years.


Having the trust of commoners for the last 30 years, Fluval is now known as one of the top aquatic brands. So, it’s a must to know and understand its features. I hope this article on who makes Fluval aquariums helped you on that note.

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