Who Makes Seaclear Aquariums? Detailed Brand Informations

While buying an aquarium for your marine beasts, you can not think of its advantages, disadvantages and precautions at the same time, right? But what if I introduce you to a brand that takes care of all these without even asking? Well, it’s none other than Seaclear.

Who makes Seaclear aquariums? North American Pet and CASCO group- both have the solemnity to produce Seaclear water equipment. They always have a ready list of the products on their site with proper delivery options.

So today, I will be discussing and nurturing all those issues with you. Don’t miss this if you really want to know the behind facts!

Who Makes Seaclear Aquariums?

As of now, Seaclear tanks are under the surveillance of 2 companies- North American Pet and CASCO group. Both of the companies have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Having more than 20000 employees, they have ensured great service for these consecutive years. But one difference you’ll find in the brands are- they offer different combo sets on amazon. For example- CASCO offers you an aquarium, reflector and electrical light fixer.

Then NAPP offers you water tanks with fish feeding equipment. But then again, NAPP has more than 25000 retail stores throughout the United States. So, it depends on your options and the requirements of the buying choice.

About the Manufacturer(s)


  • Company name – Sea Clear Aquarium
  • Established – 1989
  • Headquarters – Lake Mary, Florida
  • Warranty – Lifetime (CASCO)

Now as you know Seaclear has 2 parties to claim, it’s better to know their history before you decide on one. Here’s the deal:


CASCO was established in 1989 but if I talk about its resemblance in the fish industry, then it has been in work since 2000. As you are interested in Seaclear, you might also be aware of the Clarity Plus aquariums, right? Well, both of these are manufactured under CASCO.

The best part of CASCO group is that you will get lifetime warranty if you buy any from CASCO website. From the customer reviews I read from, it says that you can easily go on with a Seaclear aquarium here for 10 to 20 years.

North American Pet

Talking of the second option, NAPP has been in the industry since 1998. Headquartered in California, with two more facilities in Utah and Mexico, the company is famous for producing unique products like- pet furniture, pet toys and aquarium systems.

One more thing that adds a glimpse of finery to NAPP is their consumer brands. Twiskers, CKO, UrbanCat, BobCat are some of them. They manufacture wooden, acrylic and glass fixtures but in terms of Seaclear, you’ll only get the Acrylic ones.

Where are Seaclear Aquariums Manufactured?

Seaclear company is profoundly located at Lake Mary, Florida from where all of their businesses take stands. But as they are supervised by NAPP, some also think that they have a manufacturing plant in California too.

None of the information is confirmed yet, but I can say from my observation that these are the only places you can get Seaclear products produced from.

As you know that in terms of quality, Seaclear makes no alternatives, you can blindly trust on their manufacturing quality.

Does the Seaclear Brand Only Offer Acrylic Aquariums?

Yes, the Seaclear brand offers the Acrylic structures almost on all their models. The reason behind this is their target to introduce a new imaginative construction to the new world rather than the traditional designs. People would recommend you the glass ones I know.

But here’s the kicker:

  • Acrylic material tends to be lighter whereas Glass material gets heavier once you try to build your aquarium stronger.
  • You can give a new shape to every new model if you are using acrylic metal. But in the case of glass, the variation is limited.
  • The impact resistance on acrylic is quite good, but on glassy surfaces, it’s poor.
  • But one thing that might question you to back off is- its expensiveness. Well, you need to think of durability before thinking on budget, right?

Why Should you Choose Seaclear Aquariums for Your Home?

The first thing that kicks you is the ratio of quality and quantity of these aquariums. If I judge it from my experience, you will get a really high- end product that might seem a bit out of budget at first place, but goes on for nearly a lifetime. Following are the reasons where it gets better:

Ultraviolet Sterilization

If you know the term, you are already pleased to buy one from Seaclear. Well, Ultraviolet or UV rays help to kill any bacteria, fungus or algae that attacks your fishes inside. After killing, this light won’t turn on until all its colonies are stable to perform again.

This germicidal light is attached to the PVC body of your aquariums and has a lifetime of almost 18 months. Though any kind of mis-structure can make it work just the opposite, a proper usage can also ensure a better life for your pets.

Custom-built Aquarium Backgrounds

In Seaclear, you can have any custom built backgrounds for your aquarium. For example- if you want to enjoy a marine world in your tiny house, you can go for marine backgrounds. Then Rocky, Deep water, Holey, ledge are also some examples of your choice.

So, you can claim as you wish and just call at (941) 302-3283  for your confirmation.

Residential or Commercial Aquariums

Most of the time, you won’t get a choice to buy both the types from a specific store. But seaclear offers you that. You can have-

  • Commercial
  • Public
  • Retail Store
  • Residential aquariums and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Seaclear Aquariums?

CASCO and NAPP both work as the owners of Seaclear.

What is the Warranty of Seaclear Aquariums?

Lifetime if you buy from CASCO.

Are Seaclear aquariums worth it?

Yes, with their ultra- protective facility and quality assurance.


So, that was all from my side on who makes Seaclear Aquariums. I know you still have some questions in mind. I mean, I too had when I first went to buy.

So, don’t hesitate and let me know your ideas in the comment section. Stay blessed!

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